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3 Best Practices for Marketing Your Skilled Nursing Facility

by Lexi Roach, Field Marketing Specialist

There has always been a poised challenge in the provider industry of how to differentiate enough to earn a patient’s trust and a provider’s referral. Hospitals and care centers have significant pressure on their shoulders when they determine where to refer patients. With that, however, comes a unique opportunity for skilled nursing facilities (SNF) to earn that trust through outstanding patient-centered service. At Blue Sky, we have compiled our recommendations for the three best practices that SNFs should consider when putting together their marketing strategy for acquiring new patients and referrals.


1. Tell Your Story

What does your facility excel at? Are you family-owned? What do your outcomes look like? Where are most of your patients coming from? Ask yourself these questions as you put together your marketing material. Not only will a patient and their family be encouraged to hear the things you excel at, but your referral source also needs to know you can be trusted. Below are a few suggestions of where to share your story:

  • Website – Consider a :30 video on your story and why you are the obvious choice for referral
  • Brochures – Keep it simple with patient success stories and easy to understand data
  • Google – How do you rank in the search engine? Consider paid advertising to boost your ranking and tell your story to anyone searching for a SNF

2. Networking with Referral Sources


Do you participate in your referral sources fundraisers and community events? Are you regularly in touch with their decision makers to stay top of mind? Supporting your referral sources is a must. Whether that be with a sponsorship or meeting for a cup of coffee, it goes a long way in earning trust and ensuring you are the best choice for referral. The relationship with referral sources also greatly impacts your potential residents – it is comforting for them to know that not only do you provide quality patient care, but that you are connected with the local community and support relevant initiatives.


3. Patient Success Stories


Do you have a bank of patient success stories? Are they on hand and ready to hand over to your potential residents and referral sources? We recommend video testimonials as they convey emotion better than a flyer. If video testimonials aren’t possible, then snap a photo of your patient and interview them about their experiences thus far. Knowing that others are happy in your facility goes a long way for both potential residents and referral sources.


Need more ideas for marketing your SNF? Send us an email at!


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