6 Marketing Tips for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’s)

by Blue Sky Therapy

As Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) approaches & Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’s) determine the correct approach to success, it could also be an appropriate time to evaluate how you are marketing to prospective residents, caregivers and to the hospitals they have access to.

It’s getting more competitive & the ways SNF’s market needs to evolve to meet the changing demands of those they seek to engage with. Statistics prove that more than 80% of shoppers/buyers do their research online before investing in a product/service, does your digital strategy to target new residents match that percentage? If you answered no to that question or don’t know the answer, it is time to evaluate your process. Prior to joining Blue Sky Therapy, I enjoyed several years in the Digital Marketing industry & know the power of a digital presence, if done correctly.

There are some simple & effective ways to improve the approach to marketing and help become a more visible resource to those that seek your offerings.

Here are 6 Tips to marketing your skilled nursing facility to attract more customers, partners, and employees:


1. Create an emotional journey for your audience

Tell the great stories that happen every day within your facility. The reality is, awesome stories & successes happen all around us & we are so used to them that we neglect to celebrate them and allow others to see firsthand how you provide excellent care and quality outcomes. Have a 90-year-old resident with improved mobility after experiencing excellent rehab services? Tell their story…video & pictures speak much louder than the written word!


2. Tell your resident stories

Do you offer great programs to improve their quality of life? Tell their stories too! Is there a patient that was diagnosed with something that one of your clinical programs was able to cure or improve? Do your residents have fun? Do you offer programs or events that involve their emotional well-being? Celebrate these stories also!


3. Encourage your employees to be the front line of your marketing efforts:

Identify these stories & capture them so you can share with those who might be impacted if in need of similar success.

4. Engage/Involve your partners:

What contract services do you provide that do great work, make a difference and provide value? Encourage them to tell their stories also. It is often overlooked by 3rd party contractors because they are simply doing what they have been contracted to do, but marketing a great food service provider or an awesome rehab team can help increase your brand effectively.

5. Leverage the internet as a tool to speak to your ideal audience:

What does your “Digital Footprint” look like? If you visit your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. does it excite you to see the way it portrays your SNF & the services you provide? If not, I would encourage you to get assistance for your in house team from a digital marketing firm to help improve it NOW. (I have several I hold in high regard; please contact me & I can connect you)

6. Share your stories effectively, loudly & often:

Are they getting to the caregivers? The Hospital referral teams? A great marketing plan can not only answer the question ‘Why should I choose you?”, but also remind your team why they chose to work for you. Both very powerful steps in the marketing game plan.

Take a good, hard look at your business and determine if you would choose you & why. This can be a very eye opening & worthwhile exercise & can help identify those great stories we should all be telling about our business. I would also encourage you to engage your partners and challenge them to help you. At Blue Sky Therapy, we want to assist our partners with exceptional outcomes in any area that would make them more successful. We achieve this through great communication, collaboration and by genuinely caring about what matters to our clients, whether it is related to therapy or not. You should really get to know us better!


Marketing Skilled Nursing Facilities