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8 Health Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

by Blue Sky Therapy - Outpatient

Aquatic therapy offers many benefits and advantages to those recovering from injuries, illnesses, or chronic medical conditions. Compared to traditional therapy methods, aquatic therapy uses the soothing properties of water to improve function, mobility, and healing. Patients of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from aquatic therapy and no prior swimming experience is necessary.


One of the greatest benefits of aquatic therapy is that it gives individuals who are hurt, disabled, or unable to perform therapy on land the unique chance to perform these exercises with greater ease in the water. Water is an ideal therapeutic environment that continues to grow in popularity each year.


Here are 8 amazing benefits of aquatic therapy:

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1. Increases Muscle Strength

Weak muscles will benefit from water exercises since water naturally resists rapid movements. It's actually 600-700 times more resistive than air! You will see an increase in muscle strength from performing aquatic therapy regularly, turning weak muscles into healthy ones as it mimics the effects of weightlifting.


2. Decreases Pain

Immersing the body in water increases blood supply to sore muscles which promote relaxation, decreases pain and provides comfort. Your injured body part will float making it easier and less painful to move around.


3. Improves Balance

The natural pressure of water paired with its buoyancy provides an incredible amount of support for your body. This gives you more time to react to exercises without having the fear of getting injured or falling down due to balance issues. It also gives you a terrific platform to practice movements deliberately and slowly to master them safely.


4. Creates Hydrostatic Pressure

As mentioned earlier, water is denser than air, therefore it puts more pressure on your body as you enter it. That is because the water is constantly adjusting to your movements and compressing your muscles, skin, and joints through a concept called hydrostatic pressure. It forces your lungs and heart to work harder while simultaneously acting as a giant compression bandage for the whole body.


5. Improves Circulation

Aquatic therapy water temperatures are kept at warmer than average temps (around 94 degrees Fahrenheit) since it promotes circulation. The increased blood flow helps promote healing. For patients with weak heart muscles, the circulation can help compensate for poor circulation by getting more oxygen-rich blood to more parts of the body.


6. Helps Relax Muscles

Lactic acid buildup is the culprit for sore muscles. To help soothe muscles, lactic acid must be carried away from the muscle. Water therapy helps increase blood flow and wash the lactic acid away from the muscles while also adding greater circulation. After traditional therapy if the exercises are too hard you may experience pain and become unmotivated. Aquatic therapy helps prevent accidental injuries while reducing the stress on healing muscles, tissues, and cartilage. Muscle relaxation is one of the best benefits of water therapy.


7. Natural Body Massage

The gentle and natural water molecules flowing around your body create a great form of massage. This natural massage helps promote circulation and improves muscle soreness. Your trained therapist will use specific tools to create currents that will target certain areas of the body to heal and ease them faster.


8. Enjoyable Environment

Let's face it, pools and water are a lot of fun! A lighthearted therapy session in the water provides a positive atmosphere that's crucial to the overall healing process. It's easy for many individuals to get discouraged doing physical therapy on land, but in the water, it's a whole new (and easier) opportunity. For some, this can be the difference between giving up or giving more. Although the goal of therapy is to benefit the body, it can also be beneficial to the mind too.

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Aquatic therapy is a phenomenal alternative to land-based therapy methods. If you or a loved one could benefit from water therapy, contact one of our clinics today. We are happy to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Our skilled physical therapists can create a personalized one-on-one treatment plan just for you!


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