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A Therapist's View On Being Essential

by Blue Sky Therapy

BY: Nikki Gessler, PT


A therapist’s view on being essential and pivotal to the health care team at this time:


I’m essential for my skilled patient who was on a vent for two weeks. He was admitted to the skilled facility at a total dependent level. Friday, he walked in the parallel bars. Without therapy, he would be stuck in his bed all day and not progressing toward going home.


I’m essential for my assisted living resident who is having debilitating knee pain. Ortho won’t see him right now and home health isn’t allowed in. I’m his only chance at therapy and quality of life right now.


I’m essential for my long term care resident who was previously up ad lib and now can only ambulate with mod assist.


We’ve been working through all of this. We want to be there to help our patients be as strong as they can be. Therapy may be one of their only saving graces to help them pull through all of this.


Blue Sky Therapy works in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, home health and outpatient clinics. Our therapists are working tirelessly to ensure their patients are safe and rehabilitate to the best of their ability during this time. We are grateful for all of the essential workers who are working tirelessly to keep us safe during these unprecedented times. 



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