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Precautionary Measures To Fight Coronavirus

by Lexi Roach, Field Marketing Specialist

Due to the ongoing concerns and potential spread of COVID-19, our team is working closely with our partners to follow their visitation guidelines and safety precautions in facilities to ensure the safety of all patients. As recommended by the federal government and health organizations, our staff is taking the appropriate precautions in treating patients and are being updated as more regulatory notices are sent out.

As a provider in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities, we have an important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to potential high-risk patients. All recommendations put out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will be followed by our staff to control the spread. The CDC has published a workplace safety guideline that can be viewed here.

Due to the ease of COVID-19 spreading in long-term care settings as well as these residents being at a higher risk, we encourage everyone to adhere to the CDC prevention methods and limited visitation guidelines. This includes taking appropriate measures to stop the spread by practicing every day personal hygiene, staying home when you are sick, working from home when possible and limiting contact in large social gatherings.

Our therapists will still be treating patients as normal, however we have briefed everyone on best practices for limiting contact and precautionary measures to take from here on out. It is more pertinent now than ever that our employees be taking the necessary measures to keep themselves and their patients safe. We appreciate their efforts as they are taking on this virus on the front lines and working to keep their patients healthy. Below are a few of the CDC recommended precautions to be taken by healthcare employees in long-term care facilities and nursing homes - a full list can be found here.

  • Put alcohol-based sanitizers (60-95% alcohol content) in each room, office and common area
  • Stock wash areas with soap and paper towels
  • Make tissues and facemasks available for coughing people
  • Make necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available in spaces where resident care is being provided (including but not limited to facemasks, respirators, gowns, gloves and eye protection)

As a part of the #CleanHandsCount campaign, the CDC has put together a blog about the appropriate times you should wash your hands as a patient and as a healthcare provider. For more on that information, click here! 

If the coronavirus spreads into your local community, the CDC has put together a mitigation strategy for how to handle the outbreak. That strategy can be found here.


We are grateful and appreciative for all of the people who work in healthcare settings and those who are diligently working to keep the high risk population safe. We are also thankful for those working around the clock to keep us informed as the spread of the virus continues.


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