Have You Been Avoiding Making Eye Contact with Section GG?

by Blue Sky Therapy

Stop hiding in the corner (and ignoring the news) - Now is the time to stare Section GG in the face and say, “We’re ready!” October 1st is looming and there isn’t a minute left to waste when it comes to preparing for the upcoming changes.


Recap of Section GG Updates


PDPM uses 10 items from section GG to create the physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) functional score and a subset of seven of those 10 items to create a separate nursing functional score. Both functional scores track functional independence, meaning higher points indicate higher independence.


The PT and OT functional score combines with the patient’s clinical category to assign the patient into one of 16 PT/OT case-mix groups. The nursing functional score combines with the use of extensive services, certain clinical conditions, the presence of depression, and the use of restorative nursing services to assign a patient to one of 25 nursing case-mix groups, explains the PDPM Patient Classification fact sheet.


All new item additions focus on patient function and are coded on the admission and discharge assessments. For the SNF Quality Reporting Program, a minimum of one self-care or mobility discharge goal must be coded. If these are not coded properly, your facility can take a major reimbursement hit. Collaboration between nursing and therapy teams will be essential for success.


Prep For Section GG Success


Do you have the right therapy team in place to handle the upcoming changes? What are you doing to monitor self-care and mobility functional outcomes? Are you capturing results and providing education now around the changes? With October 1st knocking on the door, the time is NOW to prepare for Section GG and PDPM.


Blue Sky therapists are the outcome and data experts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get ready.

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