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How to Get Physical Therapy During the Pandemic

by Ashley Geer, PT, DPT

It is essential now, more than ever, for you to have flexibility in where and how you receive your physical therapy care. Our clinics recognize the daily challenges you may face and have created several innovative service models to serve you in the way that best meets your needs, goals, and situation.


What to Expect From Your Physical Therapy Clinic During a Pandemic:

- Safety Protocols – Look for a Physical Therapy Clinic that is following all Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to protect you and fellow patients. Clinics should be following appropriate preventative measures including temperature taking and asking relevant screening questions before proceeding with care. Patients and staff should always wear a mask. Common areas should be set up to allow appropriate social distancing and disinfected regularly.


- Alternative Therapy Options – In order to avoid any lapse in therapy care, our clinics offer Teletherapy Videoconferencing, this allows patients to safely shelter in place, social distance and remain in the comfort of their home while not skipping a beat in their therapy plan of care. We have options for patients in many different phases of their recovery.


Our three main options of care include: In clinic visits, Teletherapy Videoconferencing visits, and In-home visits. Call one of our clinics to determine which avenue of care delivery is best for you while taking all things into consideration during a pandemic. After all, we are here to keep you on the road to recovery in a manner that is safe and convenient for you!


- Decreased “Touch” Time – Our licensed therapists will cater your treatment specifically to you and your needs with all aspects of the current pandemic situation in mind. If you suffer from multiple medical conditions and are highly immunocompromised, there are many treatment options and ways to address your therapy needs without providing hands on care. Keep in mind, our therapists are following all CDC guidelines stringently to ensure when hands on care does occur, we are keeping you safe. Our therapists are experts in infection control policies and are experienced in finding alternative treatment options to continue to facilitate your progress.

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