Mechanics of In-Home Therapy

Our mission at Blue Sky Therapy has always been to provide the highest quality of care to the patients we serve, and in doing so, produce the best possible outcomes. In analyzing our patients’ data and needs, we found that many expressed a desire for the convenience of In-Home Therapy. This was due to difficulty with transportation to an outpatient clinic, personal preference of wanting to be in the privacy of their home, or still needing and/or desiring care after they were discharged from a facility. This brought us to develop our new service line, In-Home Therapy.


What is In-Home Therapy and How Does It Work?

The best way to explain In-Home Therapy is to describe it as Outpatient Therapy in-the-home. It can be billed as a Medicare Part B benefit, private insurance, or cash pay. Patients who receive in-home therapy are not home bound, and they cannot be receiving Part A (skilled) benefits. The focus of our program is to bring dynamic, therapeutic intervention to the patients’ doorstep.


Who can benefit from In-Home Therapy?

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Typically, when a resident leaves a SNF, they return to home and need some additional therapy from a home healthcare agency. We pick up where home care finishes. Often, these patients don’t require additional nursing care but may need a little more therapy after returning home that is not within the bounds of home care. That’s where we step in with In-Home Therapy!


Assisted Living Centers

Often a patient will experience a fall, acute disease, or a minor setback that doesn’t require a hospital trip or a skilled stay. These patients can see a functional decline that ranges from minor to major. They already have nursing care in the assisted living but may require additional therapy treatment. This is where In-Home can help! Utilizing our experienced physical, occupational, and speech therapy teams we can get those patients back to baseline and back to enjoying life while staying in the comfort of their homes.


Senior Centers/Organizations

Seniors that attend centers and that are active in organizations are some of our most involved members of society. They volunteer their time and keep up with the latest trends affecting their lives. Even though they stay active, sometimes they have added aches and pains and can still experience additional setbacks. In-Home Therapy brings convenience to their front door, helping them to experience less pain and STAY active.



Doctors and physicians will now be able to give their patients the option to refer to our In-Home Therapy program instead of going into a clinic for their therapy needs. We work directly with physicians to support those patients that are seeing a decline or have recently received a new diagnosis and keep an open line of communication with them. We have treated patients in-home that range from increased difficulty with daily tasks, post-surgery and recovery, ambulation issues, and through the different stages of dementia. Blue Sky Therapy has developed a clinical program, MIND, that focuses on the patients’ best ability to function based on their cognitive stage. We have seen success with this program for both the person with dementia and their caregiver. Read more about our MIND program here. In-Home Therapy is one more tool for doctors and physicians to use to refer those patients that may have transportation concerns or just want to recover in the comfort of their home.


Hospice Groups

Many families require additional training and support with loved ones at the end of life. Whether a loved one is at home or in a hospice care facility, therapy can be beneficial to enhance the quality of life and ensure patient safety during that time. This can be with family training for transfers, splints, range of motion activities or diet texture modifications to keep loved ones comfortable.


Benefits of In-Home Therapy


Now more than ever, convenience is the name of the game. We have been able to treat patients who struggle with transportation to therapy appointments or those that just want to be in their own home because that is where they are most comfortable. Home to most people is a safe setting and a place that they can feel relaxed. It benefits the patients greatly to be seen in their home when they are working on getting things out of the cupboard, putting something in the fridge, cooking in the oven, walking up their front stoop/garage door, getting into their bed, or using the shower. These day-to-day functions are what some patients need the most help with, so practicing in their home with a therapist coaching them through is extremely beneficial.


No Additional Cost

In-Home Therapy brings the therapist directly to the patient - in that, there are reduced overhead expenses and limited additional costs to be factored into treatment. Since we operate within the home, the only cost is the therapy service being provided. In-Home Therapy is billed under a patient's Medicare Part B benefit and all related costs are discussed with patients prior to treatment beginning. For those with a secondary insurance, often nothing out of pocket is required for therapy service.


Insurance Verification and Billing

As a part of our In-Home Therapy service model, we handle all the insurance verification through Lincoln Reimbursement Solutions. This eliminates the need for referring physicians and doctors to have to answer those questions. Our billing experts at LRS ensure that the patients understand their benefits and alert them if any co-pays are required for the service. All of this is completed prior to treatment taking place, and we handle all of that to ensure a seamless transition to In-Home Therapy.  



Blue Sky Therapy has a recruiting and operations team that handles staffing based on the patients’ needs. We coordinate the schedule of the evaluating and treating therapist based on the patient’s individualized plan of care. Our team communicates with the patient and will handle all appointment cancellations and any other issues that may arise. We operate a unique model with the opportunity to provide therapy services on a flexible schedule that it is convenient and conducive for the patient. We require that our therapists obtain a specific credential to provide In-Home Therapy treatment. We pride ourselves on having therapists that are cross-trained across the continuum of care.


Acquiring Physician Order

 If patients don’t already have a prescription for therapy treatment, our therapists have been trained to help with that process. We are happy to call the patient’s primary care provider or specialist to facilitate those orders for them.


Future of In-Home Therapy + Teletherapy

As we continue to grow our In-Home Therapy service line, we will begin to expand into different markets and include additional focused areas of treatment such as post-surgical and sports-focused injury recovery. Technology provides us with a platform to incorporate virtual visits, the ability to monitor and advance an in-home exercise program, and most importantly provide services to a wide variety of patients. To learn more about our Teletherapy program, click here.


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