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Teletherapy Benefits + Webinar

by Ashley Geer, PT, DPT
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As our worlds have hastily transitioned to a stay-at-home lifestyle, a lot of people are turning to digital to accomplish daily tasks and activities – from workouts to healthcare appointments to grocery shopping. Although life might feel a little different lately, our day-to-day activities remain very much the same. We have taken our traditional outpatient physical therapy practice virtual so that we can ensure our patients recover and maintain an active lifestyle from home.


1) Schedule your appointment at a time that is convenient for you – even if it is unconventional!

As we all get accustomed to our new normal, we want to make sure that you are getting the care you need at the time you need. With Teletherapy, you can schedule your appointment at any time of the day, not just during traditional business hours. Need a late appointment after you put the kiddos to bed? No problem.


2) Physical therapy done from the privacy and comfort of your home

Although face-to-face physical therapy appointments are beneficial for a variety of reasons, it can be intimidating working on your recovery or wellness in a large, open space in front of strangers. With Teletherapy, you get the privacy that you may have been yearning for in your traditional physical therapy appointments.


3) Educates you on ways to stay active in your home even after your physical therapy is over

Though the physical part of Teletherapy appointments is crucial to your overall health and wellness, it is equally important to us to ensure that you are educated on additional ways to stay active from home during this time. With all of our sessions, our therapists give takeaway workouts, at home exercises and creative methods to make sure you are maintaining the work you have put into your recovery and wellness.


4) Eliminates stress of transportation to and from your physical therapy appointments

Our headquarters are located in Northeast Ohio, so we are no strangers to the ever-changing seasons in this part of the country. But weather is only one nuisance in getting to the places you need to go. You may be in charge of transporting your relatives or loved ones to their physical therapy appointment, or even yourself if you are recovering from an injury or just don’t have the means that day to get to an in-person session. With Teletherapy, that worry is eliminated – like we said before, you can schedule your appointment at the time that is most convenient for you from the comfort of your home!


5) One-on-one, focused meetings with your physical therapist

We aim to avoid distractions and be completely focused on you and your plan of care. With Teletherapy, the attention and focus is completely on you and your individual needs; you are free to confide in your therapist in a private setting. Being open and honest with your therapist about your progress is really important to make sure you get back to the performance level you were previously at.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you accept my insurance? How much should my insurance cover?
  • How many times per week can I schedule?
  • Do I need any equipment to do pt at home?
  • What kind of software/app do I need to download?
  • How long are the sessions?
  • Can I do atypical business hours when scheduling my appt?

Check out our webinar above to see all of our answers to your FAQs!


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