It's March Madness Time - Don't Let PDPM Dunk On You!

by Chip Calissie - Sales Director

March Madness is in full swing! Are your brackets busted or are teams still in play? As a basketball coach and hoops “junkie”, our Sales Director, Chip Calissie, is always impressed with how much time and effort goes into preparing the teams for the NCAA Tournament. Coaches must scout their opponents, make changes to better prepare their teams and be ready to adjust their strategy at a moment’s notice if the game isn’t going according to plan.


These same principles that a coach uses to lead their team to victory apply to Skilled Nursing Facilities strategies. Calling the right “plays” and executing properly can help a team win games. In business, leaders must also follow and execute strategies to help their bottom lines win. A great coach makes sure that his or her teams’ weaknesses aren’t exploited by working hard to improve upon them. A great business “coach” also helps their partners by providing solid direction and guidance through the challenges they face.


When it comes to the game Skilled Nursing Facilities are playing, think of PDPM as a 7-foot center waiting at the rim to block your Skilled Nursing Facility’s shot into the stands! As we think about the opportunities that PDPM provides and the discussions we are having with our current and prospective clients, we are determined to set up our current partners and prospective clients up for success.


Our current partners have benefited from our education and preparation for PDPM and we are informing our future partners on how we can help them be best prepared for the future of SNF Therapy success. While many in our industry see PDPM as a “7-foot center” challenge, Blue Sky Therapy sees PDPM as an opportunity to adjust strategy and score even more points than ever before! As we implement our PDPM plans with our clients, we are creating even stronger bonds with their teams to ensure consistent communication and increased results.


If you’re current contract therapy partner isn’t “coaching” you to success under PDPM, we would encourage you to contact our team for a better game plan before the real “madness” sets in!

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