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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - What You Need to Know!

by Ashley Geer, PT, DPT

While there are many simple steps to take and things to consider when analyzing your overall health, your pelvic well-being might not be top of mind. But it should be! The topic of pelvic health can be embarrassing and confusing, however, women should know that pelvic pain and incontinence – not matter what stage of life you are in – is not normal!


Fortunately, there are many ways in which women’s health physical therapy can be beneficial to women of all ages. And although pelvic health physical therapy can be a difficult topic for many people to discuss, the sooner it is addressed, the better results you can have.


A Women’s Health Expert and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Gaynell Anderson, of Absolute Physical Therapy of SW FL - Powered by Blue Sky Therapy in Bonita Springs, Florida weighs in by explaining, “The pelvic floor muscles are part of a “team” of muscles encompassing the abdomen that work together to support our abdominal organs and our spine. If there is a weakness or imbalance in any one of these muscle groups, pelvic floor dysfunction can result. In most cases, finding the imbalance and strengthening this area will result in resolution of pelvic floor dysfunction. The beauty of the human body is that it is dynamic and persistent in its will to thrive – this being said, it is NEVER too late to improve and even resolve many pelvic floor issues! This holds true whether symptoms are acute or have persisted for many years!”


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can help with the following:

- Incontinence

- Difficulty with bladder or bowel movements

- Painful sex

- Constipation

- Pelvic Pain

- Endometriosis

- Vaginismus

- Menopause

- Pregnancy

- Postpartum


What does a Pelvic Floor Evaluation Entail?

The Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Evaluation will begin with history taking, including review of chief complaints, past medical and surgical history, and an obstetric/gynecologic/sexual history.


The muscles of your pelvic floor will be evaluated to determine any weakness and incoordination that may be present and contributing to your dysfunction/pain. This will include an internal assessment to determine your strength and tone of these muscles, as well as the anatomical position of your muscles and the organs they support.

Your exam will also include an external evaluation of your posture, your hips and abdominal musculature (“pelvic girdle”) and your diaphragm muscle (“breathing muscle”) as they too contribute to pelvic floor function. 


Pelvic Physical Therapy treatments may include: 

- Manual therapy

- Myofascial release

- Biofeedback

- Neuromuscular re-education

- Strengthening and exercise programs

- Home program development and instruction

- Aquatic therapy and/or postpartum personal training


As you can see, there are many different underlying reasons for pelvic pain, and your physical therapist will provide you with a personalized treatment plan. Keep in mind, not every physical therapist has undergone training to treat pelvic floor and women’s health conditions. We have dedicated staff at Absolute Physical Therapy of SW FL – Powered by Blue Sky Therapy who specialize in pelvic floor care.


Basic Pelvic Floor Exercise 

Join Physical Therapist Gaynell Anderson, DPT as she demonstrates a basic pelvic floor exercise used in the Pelvic Floor program at Absolute Physical Therapy of SW FL - Powered by Blue Sky Therapy. This exercise helps to improve the mobility and strength of the pelvic girdle and pelvic floor areas.


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