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The short stay resident quality measures released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reflect the quality of resident care in a skilled nursing facility. It is defined as those residents who stayed in a skilled nursing facility for 100 days or less and that are covered under the Medicare Part A Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) benefit. Residents with shorter stays are often those recovering from surgery, had a recent discharge from a hospital stay, and/or need short term rehabilitation. Many residents with a qualified short stay receive care in a skilled nursing facility and then return to their home and community.


The chart below indicates one of our partners quality measures compared to the national average for both self-care and mobility functional improvement.


Short-term Stay Functional Improvement Chart


Blue Sky Therapy has a collaborative approach with our partners to identify and treat those residents with a skilled need for functional improvement. It is through this daily collaboration, that patient specific information is shared to develop a customized approach to patient care.


Additionally, Blue Sky Therapy has been collecting and analyzing outcomes since 2014. As a result, our therapists are results oriented and highly educated on the importance of efficient and effective delivery of services to achieve the right outcome. Our goal is to maximize and maintain function with a customized patient driven approach!


Have questions about how Blue Sky Therapy can improve your quality measures? Sign up for a 15-minute phone call with our Chief Quality and Operations Officer here!


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