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Skilled Nursing News with Lisa Chambers, Chief Quality and Operations Officer

This article is sponsored by Blue Sky Therapy. In this Voices interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Blue Sky Therapy Chief Quality and Operations Officer Lisa Chambers to get her take on the competitive advantage therapists have under PDPM, how SNFs are changing therapy utilization under PDPM, and how Blue Sky’s new dementia program is creating safer, happier environments for residents with dementia. Read the rest of the article here!


Skilled Nursing News: You’ve been with Blue Sky since 2002, most recently took on the COO position in 2018 along with your CQO position. Describe your role at the company and your most important duties entering 2020, and looking ahead at the next 12 months.


Lisa Chambers: I view myself as the overseer of ensuring quality care for our residents, a good work environment for our staff members, and a good relationship with our partners by providing resources, tools, and education. I think it’s important going into 2020 to have a voice and show our value as therapists. As we prepare for regulatory cuts coming our way, it is also important to make sure we maintain a balance between the appropriate service delivery and our financial model so that we can remain viable as an industry.  


To read the rest of the interview with Skilled Nursing News, click here!

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