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Stuck waiting for an appointment for your elective surgery?

by Lexi Roach, Field Marketing Specialist

As doctors’ offices begin to reopen for elective surgeries with enhanced safety protocols in place, the process for scheduling these procedures will look drastically different. Many offices will be implementing pre-approvals that will be highly selective for which patients will be first for that respective surgery. As such, many people will go weeks dealing with pain, swelling, and decreased mobility. To combat that, we have several options for patients who are not on the top of the list for elective surgery – physical therapy in-clinic, teletherapy services, or in-home therapy.

Even with the selective process, was your surgery still scheduled in the coming weeks? Physical therapy can also be a great way to prepare your body for the procedure and help get you back to full quality of life faster.


Prehabilitation prior to an operation can help to:

- Relieve pain

- Increase stamina

- Reduce complications of surgery

- Restore range of motion

- Shorten your hospital stay and recovery time


Our clinics also offer direct access, meaning that patients do not need a prescription to schedule a physical therapy appointment. This not only saves patients time (especially now that doctors’ offices are limited in the number of patients they see), but also saves money by eliminating the need for the extra doctor’s appointment to obtain referral.


Our Treatment Settings: 

Now, more than ever it is essential for patients to have flexibility in where and how they receive their care. We recognize the daily challenges patients face and have created three innovative service models to serve them in the way that best meets their needs, goals, and situations. Our treatment settings include: 


- In-Clinic Physical Therapy Services

Our clinics offer in-clinic physical therapy services at six locations throughout Ohio and Florida – Mansfield, Marion, Akron, and Warren, OH and Naples and Bonita Springs, FL. In the clinic, there are specific pain management programs as well as exercises and stretches that are meant to reduce inflammation and encourage natural bodily healing while you await your operation. If you are scheduled for surgery, in-clinic therapy can prepare you by helping to gain strength, flexibility, and range of motion that in turn can help with the outcomes of your procedure.


- Teletherapy Services

Teletherapy is our newest service line that allows us to virtually treat patients with a variety of ailments. We deliver teletherapy via a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system that can be done from a cellphone, laptop, or tablet. Teletherapy is a convenient way to regain strength and ability in the comfort of the patients’ home. It allows patients to still get physical therapy while respecting the safer-at-home order, reduces the stress of transportation to and from the clinic, and can be scheduled conveniently around the patients home schedule without conflict of typical business hours. Teletherapy can provide pain and discomfort relief while patients are waiting to be scheduled for their elective surgery or preparing for their operation.


- In-Home Therapy Services

In-Home Therapy is a new service line that we are offering to patients who cannot make it into the clinic or do not feel comfortable doing so during the pandemic. Our therapists have extensive safety protocols in place to ensure the in-home sessions adhere to all CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. In-Home Therapy provides a safe setting where therapists can help patients temporarily relieve pain and discomfort and assist patients with navigating their day-to-day functions in the home. As you prepare for surgery, the in-home therapists can focus on post-surgical recovery and how to best be safe in the home when you return after an operation.

Request an Appointment:

Do you think physical therapy can help prepare you for surgery? Request an appointment today to schedule an evaluation via one of our three physical therapy delivery methods.


NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED – You DO NOT need a doctor’s prescription to request an appointment with us.





Unsure if physical therapy is the right treatment for you?  

We offer FREE wellness screens to discuss if your condition would respond well to our physical therapy services.


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Blue Sky Therapy delivers innovative physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities home health care, in-home therapy, and outpatient therapy clinics. Blue Sky Therapy owns and operates six outpatient clinics in Ohio and Florida. Ohio locations: Akron, Mansfield, Marion, and Warren. Florida locations: Bonita Springs and Naples.



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