5 Key Questions To Ask Your Therapy Provider (With Webinar)

5 Key Questions To Ask Your Therapy Provider
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Skilled Nursing News with Lisa Chambers, Chief Quality and Operations Officer

This article is sponsored by Blue Sky Therapy. In this Voices interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Blue Sky Therapy ...
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5 Key Takeaways 90 Days Post-PDPM

Now that it has been over 90 days since the implementation of PDPM, there are several takeaways from the transition that have ...
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How Therapy Can Help Drive Reimbursement Post-PDPM

Did you see our How to Succeed Post-Implementation of PDPM Webinar?
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Have You Been Avoiding Making Eye Contact with Section GG?

Stop hiding in the corner (and ignoring the news) - Now is the time to stare Section GG in the face and say, “We’re ready!” ...
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Time To Run Up the [Function!] Score to Win at PDPM!

You may be standing on the sideline, but it is time to get in the Section GG game if you want your reimbursement to win under ...
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Section GG Success Plan

Although part of the MDS, Section GG brings many unique challenges to our teams. Understanding the definitions and coding ...
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Are You Prepared for PDPM?

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