Honorary Blue Sky Therapy Team Member

When Brooke Grubb entered the doors of the Kimes Nursing and Rehab Center to start her position as a Rehab Manager, PTA, she did ...
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Blue Sky Therapy Culture Puts Family First

Change is inevitable, and although change is not always welcomed, it is often necessary in order to grow. There have been a lot ...
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Are you protecting the privacy of the MDS Data?

As a facility submitting MDS data to CMS, you must abide by the Federal and State regulations with respect to maintaining ...
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What is a Compliance Program?

Although there are many definitions and descriptions of a compliance program at its most basic level it is a method for an ...
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Medicare eligibility ups rehab use among seniors

In the year after seniors hit Medicare eligibility, there is close to a 10% increase in those seeking rehabilitation care ...
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What is your risk?

Providers cannot eliminate all risk, but can minimize risk through proactive approaches that involve training and policy ...
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Are Your Stars in Alignment?

As stated on the CMS website, CMS created the Five-Star Quality Rating System to help consumers, their families, and caregivers ...
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Long Term Care Facilities Changes

Phase 1 regulations for the newly reformed Long Term Care Facilities are effective November, 28, 2016. Below is a list of Phase 1 ...
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PBJ is a Reality!

All staffing data must be submitted to Medicare for payroll based journal reporting to capture staff and contracted hours during ...
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Are You Prepared for PDPM?

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