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Tee It High and Let It Fly with our Golf Therapy Program!

by Blue Sky Therapy - Outpatient

Golf season is in full swing! But have you noticed that your own swing is causing you pain or your range of motion isn’t where you want it to be? Whether you are an avid golfer or someone who only gets out on the course a few times each summer, physical therapy can improve your enjoyment of the game, your performance and prevent golf-related injury.


There are a variety of other issues that may be negatively affecting your swing, such as: poor posture, poor balance and a lack of movement of the ankles, hips, back, shoulder blades and neck. A golf specific movement screen and individualized exercise prescription can help you make your swing.  Enjoyment of the game and improvements on the score card can be realized through golf specific core strength and flexibility exercises - hopefully keep you pain free and successful on the course this summer.


Physical therapy also involves several kinds of range of motion exercises. When your range of motion is affected, it means that it is difficult to move a particular body part comfortably around the joint. This comes into play with your golf game. If you aren’t able to move your hip, back, shoulder blades, etc. in a smooth manner, you will find yourself in significant pain after 18-holes. Physical therapy can provide you with range of motion exercises that target these affected areas can help undo the damage and restore free and unrestrained movement to your joints and muscles.


Our therapy program can help you strengthen your muscles specific to golf, increase your range of motion, and help decrease painful movement patterns you may have out on the course. Don’t let a beautiful day pass you by because you are suffering from a golf injury.


Schedule a FREE screen today to see how our therapy program can keep you out on the greens!





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Blue Sky Therapy owns and operates six outpatient clinics in Ohio and Florida. Ohio locations: Warren, Akron, Marion, and Mansfield. Florida: Naples and Bonita Springs.

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