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The Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery are Endless

by Ashley Geer, PT, DPT

The help of a physical therapist (PT) is critical for assisting in a patient’s recovery after surgery. Physical therapists are experts in helping patients reach their optimal physical function and recovery goals. PT's help patients regain their strength and mobility with specific exercises, stretches, and activities based on the type of surgery the patient underwent. A benefit of physical therapy is that you do not need a doctor’s prescription to schedule an appointment – simply call or request an appointment HERE and we will get you on the schedule at a time that works best for you.


There are endless benefits of physical therapy post-surgery including but not limited to:


- Pain Reduction or Elimination

A patient is often prescribed medication as a temporary fix for the pain or discomfort they experience post-surgery. However, this is only temporary. Physical therapy is a long-term solution that helps restore muscle and joint function, which relieves pain and builds strength. Actively attending physical therapy sessions can help patients avoid the use of excessive prescription narcotics and facilitate the body’s natural recovery mechanisms following surgery.


- Regain Muscle Function

As with all good things, building muscle takes time. Depending on the amount of recovery time and inactivity prescribed by the physician, it can be challenging at first to see muscle strength return to where it once was. A physical therapist is trained to help patients appropriately regain muscle function while respecting where the body is in the recovery process. 


- Improve Blood Circulation

Physical activity increases blood flow, which provides oxygen to the muscles and helps improve overall circulation. Physical therapists use carefully selected exercises meant to target specific tissues within the body to facilitate maximum performance. Sometimes after surgery, it can be tempting to use the time to sit and relax more; however, it is important to move, improve circulation and flush out inflammation under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist, which will allow joints to move better.


- Enhance Mobility and Range of Motion

Not only does physical therapy help patients recover from surgery, it also aids in helping patients regain their balance and increase range of motion in a joint or limb. Physical therapy can help patients get back to functional activities in a more efficient and safe manner. For example, think about the balance and range of motion needed to step up and onto a curb or ascend and descend stairs. A physical therapist has these functional tasks in mind and can help those recovering from surgery get back to completing them safely and quickly.


It is important to note that physical therapy is not only about helping patients recover safely in a moment of time following surgery, but also setting them up for success in the long run. Although physical therapy can be challenging, it is the restoration the body needs after a major surgery to get patients back to their highest levels of function and highest quality of life.


*Reminder - you do not need a doctor’s prescription to attend physical therapy, you can simply pick up the phone or click the button below to schedule your appointment today.





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