Physician and Digital Marketing for Physical Therapy Clinics

by Blue Sky Therapy

In today’s physical therapy market, staying competitive means establishing and capitalizing on both your digital and traditional marketing strategies. While one may have worked for a few years, it is important now more than ever to marry the two strategies together.

So, what does a strong physical therapy marketing plan look like? Our team has put together the five best practices for marketing your physical therapy clinic by mixing traditional and digital strategies.


Analyze your competition

This may seem redundant, but what do you do better than the rest? Research the other physical therapy clinics in your area as well as providers who offer similar services to yours such as wellness clinics, yoga studios and chiropractic offices. What services do you offer that they do not? Is there anything else that sets you apart from these providers? Once you have figured out everything that sets you apart from your competition, you can build a marketing campaign that highlights what makes your clinic the best option for individuals needing physical therapy in your area. You can begin to set up specific marketing campaigns that target those specific services that are unique to your clinic. 

Physician nurturing

Physician nurturing is essential for your clinic’s success. Make sure to schedule regular visits to top referring doctors’ offices and keep building relationships with them and their staff. Also make sure to stop into new and existing doctors’ offices to drop off information about your clinic and the services you offer. One of the easiest ways to set your clinic apart from others is to send monthly handwritten thank you notes to new referrers. Staying top of mind with referring physicians is key to building long-term relationships. Physician marketing takes time and consistent touchpoints, so hiring a part-time marketing specialist may work best for you so that you can allocate your time elsewhere.


Email marketing

Your past patients are one of your most valuable assets. These are people who have benefited from your help and who trust you. They will likely recommend you when they hear a friend or family member is in pain or needs physical therapy, so you want to make sure to keep your clinic top of mind. You can do this by sending them a monthly email with informative articles, clinic updates, and need specific therapies that you offer. You can also target past patients by their diagnosis. For example, May is National Arthritis Awareness month. Re-activate your past arthritis patients by sending them a reminder email of your services and how they can help to manage arthritis pain. By becoming a continued resource for past patients, you ensure that their next physical therapy appointment call will be to your clinic. Include a call to action button with a link to your schedule an appointment form or your clinic scheduling phone number.


Optimize your online visibility

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second according to SEO Tribunal. That is over 3 million searches per hour. We have been trained to search online for pretty much everything important – as such, it is essential for companies to ensure they are visible when potential customers are searching. To ensure maximum visibility online, there are several things that can be done to optimize search presence: claim and manage Google My Business listing, optimize website with SEO tactics, generate content on a consistent basis, and research the keywords associated with searches relative to the services provided.


Build community awareness

Community awareness is just as important as your online presence. You can build community awareness by attending local events such as health fairs, races/marathons, festivals, etc. When attending these events, make sure to bring branded swag such as

t-shirts, pens, note pads, magnets, hand sanitizers, etc. Another way you can build community awareness is by sponsoring a local sports team. These sponsorships generally include a banner that is hung at the field or stadium for the entire season. This is a great way to get your logo and contact information in front of the community, thereby increasing your brand awareness and recognition.


About Blue Sky Therapy

Blue Sky Therapy delivers innovative physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care, in-home therapy, and outpatient therapy clinics. Our newest service line, Teletherapy, allows our therapists to work with patients virtually at home instead of in the clinic.



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