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Treating Headaches and Migraines with Physical Therapy

by Rachel Brainard, MBA - Outpatient Marketing Manager

Headaches affect 47% of the global population and are the third most common pain complaint around the world. Headaches can be caused by several different conditions such as muscle and joint issues, sinus disorders, vascular problems, infectious diseases, and in more serious cases, tumors. Physical therapists (PTs) can help to reduce headache pain that is caused by musculoskeletal issues that include muscle tension and tightness, lack of neck motion, poor posture, tightness between the shoulder blades, and weak postural neck muscles.


Benefits of Physical Therapy to Treat Headaches:

- Decrease or resolve the intensity, frequency, and duration of headaches

- Decrease and/or eliminate the use of medication

- Improve function and mobility of the neck

- Improve strength and posture


How We Treat Headaches:

As always, our primary goal is to provide our patients with pain relief. We can treat headaches with the following services:


- Manual Therapy/Massage Therapy – Our therapists can provide hands-on techniques that are designed to alleviate joint and muscle stiffness, increase mobility of the head and neck, decrease muscle tension or spasms, and improve muscle performance.


- Dry Needling* – Our clinics in Akron and Mansfield Ohio, offer dry needling services. These services can be used to alleviate headaches by targeting specific trigger points that are tense and painful and easing them to improve range of motion, increase flexibility and reduce pain.


- Ultrasound and TENS Therapy – By providing a gentle electric stimulation to disrupt the pain cycle and calm the nervous system and musculature, these treatment modalities can provide relief from pain and inflammation, allowing improved activity participation.


- Exercise Programs – Our therapists will incorporate exercises into your therapy plan that will help strengthen the muscles that control and support your neck and upper back. These exercises will also help to improve your ability to sit or stand for long periods of time and help to improve your posture to function at optimum comfort.


- Activity Modification Training – Your therapist will look at your prolonged postures and positioning and provide guidance and education to ensure your positioning is optimal. This will help reduce strain in your neck and shoulders, which can in turn reduce headaches and help improve your overall quality of life.


*Check to ensure this service is provided at your local Blue Sky Therapy Outpatient Clinic.

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Blue Sky Therapy delivers innovative physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities home health care, in-home therapy, and outpatient therapy clinics. Blue Sky Therapy owns and operates six outpatient clinics in Ohio and Florida. Ohio locations: Akron, Mansfield, Marion, and Warren. Florida locations: Bonita Springs and Naples.


Outpatient services are offered in three different settings: In-clinic, In-home, and via teletherapy which allows therapists to work with patients virtually at home instead of in the clinic.



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