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Why Blue Sky?

by Blue Sky Therapy

Blue Sky with Therapy Logo - Blue - PNGYou have hundreds of choices when it comes to picking therapy providers and partners.




What sets Blue Sky Therapy apart from the rest of the field?

First and foremost: We work to treat each patient as if they were a family member!
  • Patient-driven care is Blue Sky’s #1 core value and our outcomes highlight our commitment to patient-driven care.

  • Blue Sky’s Centers of Excellence provide strong evidence-based clinical programs for patients.

  • Our patients demonstrate functional improvements over the national benchmarks, with an average length of stay of 22 days and 54% returned home.

  • Blue Sky provides 1:1 Facility Level support structure for our partners and employees.

We are innovative and technology driven!
  • We look to add value to each facility we partner with by providing care management tools that others in the industry are not utilizing.
  • We communicate with team members, patients and family via the HIPAA secure CARE app.
We pride ourselves on integrity and compliance!
  • We have a robust compliance program built on the 7 elements required in a comprehensive compliance program.
  • Blue Sky has a 5 Star Quality Documentation Recognition Program.
  • We have frequent visits with our teams and our clients as our Area Managers oversee 8-10 facilities with visibility and perform quarterly reports with each facility leadership team.
We are therapist owned and operated!
  • Blue Sky has spent the last 33 years delivering innovative physical, occupational and speech therapy services.
  • The Blue Sky Senior Management Team are all therapists with a combined 150 years of experience in the therapy industry.
  • We have more than 1,500 active employees, guaranteeing clients access to on-on-one, personalized care.
  • We are continually learning – Blue Sky therapists have access to more than 500+ CEU360 continuing education programs.

Centers of Excellence Innovative Technology Driven 5 Star Quality Documentation Patient-Driven CEU360

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